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Veritone offers full-service content licensing and clearances so creative teams can leverage iconic news, sports, and user-created moments – from the excitement of NCAA Championship sports to viral social media videos. Need help securing high-level talent or intellectual property? Our team of media and entertainment experts can navigate these complexities and deliver all necessary permissions for commercial use.

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For over fifteen years, Veritone has been a valuable resource to creatives by licensing content on behalf of some of the most iconic collections in news, sports, and entertainment. We respect the integrity of your brand while building a significant revenue stream through licensing. Grow revenue, protect your intellectual property, and expand your reach with Veritone.

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Contributed Works

Our content has been featured in documentaries, films, TV commercials, and more.

The Last Movie Stars

This epic 6-part documentary from CNN Films and HBO Max chronicles Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s iconic careers and decades-long partnership, licensed exclusively by Veritone.

Masterclass: Richard Branson

Ubrelvy: No Off Days

Facebook: Never Lost