Both content buyers and rightsholders have relied upon Veritone’s team of experts and proprietary AI to support their projects for nearly two decades.

Veritone Licensing has had many names over the years: Thought Equity Motion, T3Media, and Wazee Digital, but our commitment to providing white-glove service has never changed.

Our team of licensing experts have been an invaluable resource to the creative community. Our licensing platform enables seamless content delivery while our proprietary AI-based technology maximizes the value of content for rightsholders. We are committed to creating a new model for content licensing with premium content, detailed metadata, advanced search and discovery.

Premium Content

Veritone represents a diverse group of premier media collections— from iconic sporting events, trusted news organizations, and user-generated brands. Creatives rely on Veritone to discover and deliver ideal content for their productions.

Industry Experts

Veritone is highly specialized in content licensing for advertising campaigns, films, documentaries, sports, news, and more. We work with you to discover the right content, secure clearances, and help to get valuable projects across the finish line.

Project Management

Veritone’s team of full-service research, footage consulting, and project management professionals provide applicable resources for all licensed projects.

Rights & Clearances

Veritone experts perform comprehensive rights and clearances as well as a clear summary of rights obtained on your behalf for the project – including the properties, term, territory, and use.

Try Before You Buy

Download free comps to ensure the content is the perfect fit.

Meet the Team

Mike Arthur

Jay Bailey

Ian Retzlaff

Craig Caruso

Lauren Culler

Kenan Degirmenci


Ali Schreiber

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Megan Alexander

Jack Grinewich